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Rethink Assessment


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Applysia allows you to unfold the full potential of your assessments. Our software enhances transparency and objectivity to guarantee a valid, efficient and fair assessment process at every level.


Identify potential

Every person should have the opportunity to unfold their full potential. Applysia uses scientifically founded methods to allow you to better recognize, use and develop potentials.

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Improve your processes

Use Applysia to map your individual processes and ensure that you never lose sight of important information. Applysia helps you guarantee high quality – every step of the way.

We bring personnel selection to the 21st century


Simply and easily map your processes. We are convinced that our human centered approach will allow you to map even the most complex processes in a comprehensible, easy to understand manner.


A clear interface and intelligent assistants help to create the assessment, evaluate results, consolidate information and create reports.


The native app can be used offline thus enabling seamless usage even in places with poor network connectivity.


Easily adapt our software to your needs with just a few simple steps to optimally map your assessments.

Efficiency and sustainability

Applysia helps save time and paper. Create a modern assessment that saves resources.

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