Why Applysia?

Our mission is to contribute to the recognition, promotion and development of human potential, free of prejudice. We are convinced of the quality of our product and are driven by the desire to improve how people and their potentials are viewed and appreciated. With competence, versatility and commitment, we are working on an assessment suited oo the 21st century. We bring digitalisation to the HR sector and make selection processes fairer, more sustainable and more efficient.

Our Team

Applysia’s team consists of bright minds from the fields of psychology, computer science and economics. We work at the intersection of HR & Tech and bring diverse perspectives to the team, whether it’s Software Development, Content Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Product Management or Business Development. We look forward to meeting you!

Join the Team

Join the team and our vision to digitize and revolutionize the HR space! We love to work with curious, open-minded and impact-oriented people.

Our Values

Based in Science

We work on the basis of scientific findings and use evidence-based methods. The quality and comprehensibility of our work is of paramount importance to us.

We See Opportunity

Digitization brings with it an array of opportunities. We want to use modern technology to seize those opportunities, not see problems.


Assessments and the evaluation of people challenge us to constantly question our actions and to treat all people with respect.


Our goal is to make the latest scientific findings available for practical use, thus closing the science-practitioner-gap in our field.

Our Partners