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From planning to feedback: Applysia supports you at every step of the assessment. Our app, Cockpit, Candidate Portal, Scheduler and Insights ensure that you always have the right tool at your disposal.

Applysia during the assessment process

Our Functions

Applysia App

The core of our software. During the assessment Applysia provides a safe, frictionless work environment in our native iPad-App. Or cross-device in our Web-App. Whether you are in a video call or on site.


Due to our human-centered development, the interface is easy to understand and use.

Whether on-site or remote: a seamless process is guaranteed.

All relevant information, such as CVs, test results and instructions are easily accessible at all times.

You can export all results and graphs to formats compatible with all common office programs.

Applysia Cockpit

Assessments are set up and accounts are managed in our browser-based administration interface. This allows you to focus entirely on the assessment of the candidates in the app.

Create templates for your assessments and re-use them as often as you like.

Our flexible software lets you accurately map your competency model.

Functions such as automatic deletion periods and our authorization concept guarantee maximum data protection.

Candidate Portal

Preserve the assessment experience, even if you are not sitting in the same room: Share documents and media files with candidates flexibly and dynamically – wherever you are.


You can use Applysia with any video conferencing software.

Automatically release instructions and materials based on timers or at any point during the assessment with the push of a button.

All access information participants need is automatically sent via email.


Applysia Scheduler

The scheduler makes planning group assessments simple. Easily create rotation plans for observers and candidates.

Individual schedule with personal access to assigned assessments.

Easily avoid time conflicts and consistent color coding of each candidate leads to an efficient schedule.

Easily assign tasks and observers with one click.


Applysia Insights

Our analytics and reporting tool. Gain data-based insights to provide feedback and improve your processes. Save time and provide valuable feedback to observers without additional effort.

Assess candidates in a detailed comparison using benchmarks.

Focused overview report of each exercise with statistics on evaluation schemes.

Clearly calculate observer matches and accuracy.

Safe Technology

Security by Design

Use your own private database area, reserved exclusively for you.

Servers located in Germany

We use ISO27001 certified servers located in Germany exclusively.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Our products provide GDPR compliant data management and automatic anonymization and deletion.

Privacy by Design

During development we constantly follow the concept of data minimization.

Always an asset - even from a distance

Applysia can easily integrate with all common video conferencing tools.

Microsoft Teams
Google Hangouts
Skype for Business
Cisco Webex

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