Fabian Daugs

30 Januar 2024

Innovating Digital Assessment Planning with Applysia

Applysia, a trailblazer in digital assessment software, has revolutionized the process with its comprehensive product suite. This suite includes a backend interface, known as the Cockpit, for orchestrating assessments, and an intuitive iOS App for observers to record their observations and evaluate candidates based on a competence model. Additionally, Applysia offers a Candidate Portal, granting candidates access to documents and media, although usage of this portal is not mandatory.

Customers of Applysia seek to customize their assessment processes while maintaining a clear overview of critical data. Previously, using external tools like Excel was necessary for planning specific details like the timing and allocation of exercises in assessments, as Applysia’s software did not support these functions.

Enhancing Planning Capabilities with Bryntum Scheduler

To address this gap, Applysia integrated the Bryntum Scheduler with its software. This tool, combined with a grid component, allows users to plan assessments directly in the software using a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. It facilitates detailed scheduling, determining who observes which candidate in each exercise, the timing of these observations, and the assignment of lead observers.

The process begins with users defining the exercises, their durations, the candidates involved, the observers, and the start time. The software then generates a list of events, each representing a candidate-exercise pairing. Users can easily assign these events to observers, ensuring that no conflicts occur with simultaneous exercises. This functionality has evolved to include the planning of group exercises, where an observer can oversee multiple candidates simultaneously.

Once the planning is complete, each observer receives a personalized schedule in the app, streamlining the entire assessment process and eliminating the need for external scheduling tools.

Technical Integration and Future Enhancements

The integration of the scheduler was achieved through Vue.js, modeling observers as resources and storing additional data in a customized EventModel. This model includes various fields like event color, candidate name, and exercise details, with some attributes marked as read-only or non-persistent to suit UI requirements.

Applysia also introduced a multi-assignment feature, allowing multiple observers for a single exercise or candidate, enhancing the flexibility of the assessment process.

Looking forward, Applysia has received positive feedback and high user adoption rates for its current functionalities. Plans for future development include introducing observer teams for consistent exercise assignments, displaying timetables in the Candidate Portal, adding preparation times for exercises, and incorporating non-exercise times like breaks to enhance the overall assessment experience for both observers and candidates.