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Efficient and intelligent personnel selection & development

With Applysia, all steps of your process, from planning to feedback, are easily and intuitively digitized - whether assessment centers, development centers or structured interviews.

1. Create & manage procedures

You set up your procedures according to individual needs and store relevant skills and requirements.

2. Assess & compare candidates

You evaluate the candidates and benefit from graphically and numerically processed candidate comparisons and automated results reports.

3. Evaluate & optimize procedures

You receive data-based insights into your procedures and feedback on optimization potential and process improvements.


Your benefits with Applysia

Design your HR processes in a high-quality, efficient and professional manner with Applysia.


Implement your procedures with Applyisa in a clearly structured, scientifically based and standards-oriented manner (DIN 33430).


Save time in the preparation, conduction and evaluation of your procedures and increase your efficiency.


Benefit from innovative solutions for implementing your processes.

Success Stories

Achieving success with Applysia

  • Since June 2020, Applysia has been supporting numerous customers in successfully identifying and developing the right potential.
  • In our case studies, we report on how various companies have optimised their processes from planning to reporting with the help of Applysia.
  • Applysia has also been successfully used at universities since September 2023. With our university partnerships, we enable practical teaching throughout Germany.

Digital Assessment Center

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What our Customers say

Sandra Lorenz

Personnel Officer Recruitment and Consulting at Union Investment

The collaboration was a lot of fun and Applysia is just great, super intuitive and user-friendly. Our selection processes can now be set up easily and efficiently. We are completely satisfied.

Benedikt Oerters

HR Specialist Assessment Center at the VHV Group

Digital Assessments are much more effective and resource-efficient, especially when everything can be implemented as easily as with Applysia.

Christoph Aldering

Managing Director at aestimamus

In particular, Applysia supports requirements relating to the support of management assessments in the area of 'top management diagnostics'.

Andreas Scheuber

Senior Manager at the Avenir Group

Great Software - easy and intuitive to use, increased objectivity due to behavioral anchor level Assessment, a good Candidate Experience, and nicely presented, graphical candidate comparisons in no time.

Susanne Kullmann

Consultant Personnel & Aptitude Diagnostics at scan.up

I experience Applysia as a totally well thought-out system that optimally covers the needs of all participants - whether moderators, observers or participants. Applysia is comprehensive and surprises with functions that facilitate the organization of an AC enormously. And yet the Software is not overloaded, but rather the focus remains on the essentials.


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