Case studies

Applysia in various industries

Read our case studies: Find out how companies of different industries and sizes use Applysia to optimize the quality of their personnel selection and development and to efficiently identify and develop talent.


Applysia in use in the Insurance Sector

The VHV Gruppe is one of Germany's largest car and liability insurers with around 3,200 employees and an expert in the construction industry.

High flexibility through digital adjustments in the Applysia Scheduler

Prepare Assessments digitally in the Applysia Cockpit and easily customize them with templates

Shared documents for effective Communication

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Media Agencies

Applysia in use at Media Agencies

The groupM is the largest media agency network in Germany and thus the leading agency group for media investment and consulting. With around 2,500 employees, it supports its customers in the planning and execution of advertising messages.

Digital Availability of all required materials saves Time and Space

Simple and userfriendly Assessment preparation

Intuitive implementation of Assessments

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management consultancies

Applysia in use at Management Consultants

Since 2012, HRpepper has been shaping organizations for the future - with an inquisitive eye and innovative methods. HRpepper supports companies in their organizational transformation.

Clear and simple process

One-time creation of Assessments that can be customized, copied, and edited at any time

GDPR compliant online archiving

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Consulting company

Applysia in use at Consulting Companies

The Avenir Group is a consulting and service company with a focus on human resource management and relies on up-to-date, innovative and tried-and-tested solutions for the HR sector. 

Full flexibility in remote and face-to-face Assessment Centers

High-quality behavioral observation through competency-specific notes

Transparent candidate comparisons at a glance

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Assessments with Applysia

  • Smooth planning and preparation of your Assessments in Applysia Cockpit and data-based process optimization with Applysia Insights
  • A location and device-independent personnel selection using our Applysia App or the Web-App
  • Ein System für das Kandidatenmanagement und eine hohe Candidate Experience durch unser Candidate Portal