Introducing ourselves

This is the Applysia Team

Welcome to Applysia! Our team combines professional expertise in the fields of psychology, computer science and economics. As an innovative startup from Münster, we work at the interface of HR and tech and bring a variety of perspectives to the team, whether software development, content marketing, sales, customer success, product management or business development.

What sets us apart? Our mutual support and appreciation form the basis of our start-up. The collaboration in our dynamic team always leads to exciting and new conversations, ideas and innovations. Our team is highly motivated and works passionately towards our vision of making personnel selection more valid, fairer and more sustainable. Working in such a dynamic environment is the driving force behind everything Applysia does - and that's what makes us unbeatable!

what makes us special

Our values

At Applysia, we firmly believe that our values are the foundation of our work. They serve as guidelines for our relationships, whether with each other or with our partners and customers. Our values are reflected in our daily actions and represent our shared beliefs and goals.


The Team behind Applysia

Fabian Daugs

Founder & CEO
Product & Tech

Dr. Richard Hossiep

Founder & CEO
Sales & Marketing

Talisa Brinker

Customer Success & Marketing

Jan Fuhrmann

Business Development

Destina Karadas


Christian Röbenack

Software Development

Mara Santidrián Korff


Johanna Schelt

Business Development

Oliver Treinen

User Experience

Jan Witzany

Software Development
What motivates us

Our Mission

With Applysia we want to enable fair, sustainable and efficient personnel selection.

Our mission with Applysia is to contribute to the recognition, promotion and development of people's potential and talents free from prejudice. We are convinced of the quality of our product and have already taken a big step towards the Modernization of personnel selection. 

With competency, versatility and commitment, the Applysia Team is working on a 21st century Assessment to enable valid, simple and intelligent personnel selection and development for all companies, regardless of size and type. We bring digitalization to HR and make selection processes fairer, more sustainable and more efficient. 

Our goal is to make HR process preparation and execution easy without losing predictive power.

With our multifaceted team we combine the knowledge from theory with practice. We have recognized that the current personnel selection is old-school and the traditional pen-paper methods are time and resource consuming and also do not allow for reliable results.

Many confirmed findings from research are not integrated into existing processes, resulting in less than optimal personnel selection and development. We aim to close the Scientist-Practitioner Gap in personnel selection and combine qualitative science with intuitive software design. We stand for an HR field that recognizes true potential.

Our Advisory Council

Martina Stangel-Meseke

Management Consulting

Katrin Sünderhauf

Managing Director Human Resources DB International Operations GmbH and Head of HR International Markets DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH

Prof. Dr. Meinald Thielsch

Organisational Psychology

Michael von Roeder

Group CDO & CIO
Elia Group

Our Partners

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