Fair, valid and sustainable HR processes with Applysia: increase quality and efficiency with our extensions!
In this way, you enable simple and at the same time reliable personnel decisions - whether interview or tests.
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Revolutionize your HR-Processes with Applysia+

Our extensions support you in carrying out simple, efficient and sustainable personnel processes.

ITB Consulting

Scientific Tests with Applysia

Wide Range

Access more than 2.000 digital test procedures. The wide selection ensures an optimal fit with your individual needs.


Applysia ensures quality in the field of psychology through its strong scientific orientation. Design valid processes without extra effort and make reliable decisions.

Optimized User Experience

Select and edit the test procedures directly and easily in Applysia. Benefit from an optimal User Experience for Observers and Candidates.

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Online testing with Applysia

Psychological Suitability Diagnostics

Applysia offers test procedures through the integration that are developed, evaluated and verified according to the rules of aptitude diagnostics and DIN 33430. Make reliable personnel decisions and improve your employer branding.

Optimal Fit

The cooperation with ITB-IONA provides a comprehensive range of test procedures that can be used for the assessment of all target groups - whether trainee or top executive. Thus, we also offer the ideal procedure for your needs!

Ready to use at any time

Applysia extends the software through ITB-IONA with a testing platform that is robust against technical failures. This eliminates any concerns you may have about running digital personnel selection and development processes.

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Interviews with Applysia

Valid and efficient

Use the preconfigured interview guidelines for reliable personnel decisions. Save valuable time in preparing, conducting and evaluating interviews.

Fair Decisions

The use of predefined behavior anchors ensures the fair and bias-free assessment of competencies. This enables you to make reliable predictions about your Candidates.

Individual Fit

The wide range of possible applications ensures a good fit with your personal situation. Determine professional competencies quickly and easily.

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Capture Future Competencies

Current and relevant

Applysia Adapt is a future-oriented questionnaire that closes the existing gaps in previous procedures. Capture relevant future competencies of the Candidates in just a few minutes.

Scientific Orientation

The scientific orientation and evidence-based nature of the Applysia Adapt create a differentiated information basis for your reliable and valid personnel decisions.

Diverse Applications

The wide range of possible applications in areas of personnel selection & development and in coaching & consulting make the Applysia Adapt your new HR tool.

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Assessments with Applysia

  • Integrate scientific testing procedures into the Applysia software with just a few clicks
  • Schedule and conduct position-specific interviews in a snap
  • Capture relevant competencies for an optimal fit in change management