Administration Interface

Manage your personnel selection and development processes effortlessly via the Applysia Cockpit. Create competency models, set up assessments and manage accounts in the browser-based administration interface. You also get data-based insights into your assessments and can generate automated results reports.


Efficient preparation of your processes

Competencies and exercises can be flexibly combined in the requirements-exercise matrix.

Define an individual requirements profile as the basis for a transparent target-actual comparison.

Time-efficient preparation of all procedures thanks to customizable templates and duplicatable assessments.


Optimized time & resource planning

Intelligent scheduling supports optimal time and resource planning and enables smooth processes.

Time overlaps and planning errors are automatically avoided and dynamic adjustments can be made at any time.

Create individual schedules for all observers with just a few clicks and benefit from customized planning.



With Applysia's integrated reporting tool, you can create automated and candidate-specific results reports at the touch of a button and edit them as required. 

Create templates of the results report according to company-specific requirements using the Applysia Report Assistant.

Individual integration of quantitative and qualitative results for a comprehensive and meaningful presentation of the process.

Simplified and more efficient follow-up of procedures and direct opportunity to share feedback with candidates.

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Data-based evaluation & process optimization

Use the Data & People Analytics tool to evaluate your processes and identify specific optimization potential.

Compare candidates, teams and departments with the help of automatically calculated benchmarks.

Evaluate processes holistically and at various levels and derive personnel development measures.

Use data-based overview reports with detailed statistics for internal and targeted process optimization.

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