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Our Founding Story

Applysia combines HR and Tech to develop the Assessment of the 21st century.

The two co-founders Richard Hossiep and Fabian Daugs met through fellow students at university and then founded Applysia in the heart of Münster in 2018. Their goal is to modernize and improve the quality of personnel selection. They were already passionate about topics related to HR during their time at university and realized early on that there was still a lot of potential for improvement. Their desire to close the large gap that exists between scientific research and practice drives them to constant development and improvement. Richard and Fabian have now been working together successfully for many years. 

Richard studied Business Psychology (M. Sc.) and is responsible for Business Development, Marketing and Sales. Fabian has a Master's Degree in Computer Science, is responsible for Software and Product development and is the head of our Tech team.

Together, our two founders have already overcome several obstacles and challenges and continue to develop Applysia with a lot of motivation and pride.









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