Candidate Portal

Candidate Interface

By using the candidate interface, the Candidate Portal, you can actively involve candidates in your processes - so the assessment experience is always maintained, even across physical boundaries. You can share documents and media files flexibly and dynamically with candidates.


Optimized Candidate

Simple and intuitive use of the Candidate Portal to ensure smooth interaction with candidates.

Remote connection can be seamlessly combined with all common video conferencing tools for efficient collaboration.

Flexible adjustments to the candidate view allow you to react quickly to changing requirements.


Dynamic document sharing

Share files such as documents, videos and images with candidates for effective use of important information and resources.

Dynamic and flexible sharing of files - spontaneously in real time or planned in advance, depending on requirements and schedule.

Transparent and effective communication between observers and candidates.


Self-assessment of the candidates

The Candidate Portal enables an interactive self-assessment of your own skills before or during the process.

Differentiated evaluation of individual competencies or global exercises for a targeted and holistic evaluation.

Results are transferred directly to the conference - for a smooth integration of self-reflection and discussion.

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