Why Applysia?



We use the latest platforms for software and hardware, enabling us to create innovative solutions for you.


Evidence based

Our Software is based on DIN 33430 for personnel selection and is further developed on a data basis.



Based on your requirements, our software is individually configured—including your corporate design.



The communication runs encrypted and exclusively via German data centers and is of course GDPR-compliant.


Your Benefits


Implement your processes with Applysia clearly, structured, scientifically founded, and norm-oriented (DIN 33430).


Save time in the preparation, execution, and evaluation of your processes and maximize your efficiency.


Benefit from innovative solutions for implementing your processes.


High-quality processes with Applysia.

Optimise the quality of your procedures with Applysia by standardising and structuring your processes.

Evidence based

Our software is scientifically grounded and based on DIN 33430. This enables valid processes and reliable personnel decisions.

Standardised ratings

Standardised processes, defined competencies and assessment criteria ensure standardised and fair assessments in your procedures. 

Tests and questionnaires

Access valid tests and questionnaires from our selected co-operation partners.


Cost and time savings

Save time and money by creating assessment centres, development centres and/or interviews digitally with Applysia.


Templates for assessments and competency models only need to be created once and can be used as many times as needed.


After the process, the observers' assessments are automatically consolidated and presented graphically. This allows you to efficiently compare them at a glance.

Automated Reporting

After the assessment, result reports with assessment-specific content can be generated at the push of a button.


Professional HR processes with Applysia

Take your HR processes to a new level with Applysia - smart processes, intuitive operation, and an enhanced candidate experience for the highest level of professionalism.

Individual Fit

Applysia is completely customisable. Design your processes according to your individual requirements and customise the software to your corporate design.

Intuitive user interface

We have designed Applysia for you in such a way that it requires no additional training and can be used directly for your process.

Candidate Experience

We enable an efficient and smooth exchange with the candidates via the dynamic sharing of digital documents and the active processing of tests and questionnaires.


Further benefits with Applysia

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