protecting personal data

What is data privacy protection?

The protection of personal data is of great importance in today's digital working environment, as more and more data is being collected and processed. In Germany, the guidelines for handling this data are established by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG-new). These laws ensure that the right to informational self-determination of each person is respected and that data is only collected for specific purposes to protect the fundamental rights of affected individuals.

Compliance with these regulations requires companies to exercise great care in handling this sensitive data, which can involve increased bureaucratic effort. It may be necessary to establish comprehensive data protection management to safeguard the rights and privacy of employees and to meet the requirements of data protection.

On the Safer Side

Data Protection and Security

At Applysia, data protection and data security are our top priorities when it comes to the digital processing of your personal data. Therefore, we have implemented a series of measures to protect your data according to the latest technological standards.

Based on the applicable legal regulations regarding data protection (e.g., GDPR, BDSG-new) and industry standards for IT security (e.g., ISO 27001), we can provide a maximum level of data protection and security for your data—while ensuring an optimal user experience.

Our software is built according to the Privacy by Design principle. This means that we consider data protection during the development of the software. The different areas of our application are designed from the ground up to handle your data as sparingly as possible—without losing important information.

  • Member of the Alliance for Cyber Security: Germany's largest public-private partnership for IT security. 
  • Integrated data privacy protection management system
  • External data privacy protection officer at Keyed
  • Security by Default

    You will receive your own database area, which is reserved exclusively for you.

    German Data Centers

    Server location in Germany with ISO 27001 certification.

    GDPR compliant

    Legally compliant data management and automatic anonymisation and deletion.

    Alliance for Cyber Security

    We are part of Germany's largest public-private partnership for IT security.

    Privacy by Design

    We always follow the concept of data minimisation during software development.

    Simple Data Management

    Functions such as automatic deletion periods ensure maximum data protection.

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