Capture future competencies

The Applysia Adapt

Almost all organizations are facing profound changes in their operations due to the megatrend of digitalization, global competition and the resulting adjustments.
To date, however, there have been insufficient options for adequately identifying the development needs of employees in order to successfully adapt to these changes. The Adapt helps with precisely this challenge.

The Solution

Capturing relevant Future Competencies for better HR Work

Important & Current

The Adapt quickly and accurately captures job-related skills, competencies, and interests that are increasingly important in today's changing world.

Efficient & Valid

The questionnaire provides an economical way of recording future competencies that are relevant to success and thus of making better personnel decisions.

Evidence Based & Practical

The idea of the Adapt is to combine an evidence based scientific foundation and economic applicability with practical usefulness.

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The Applysia Adapt in Practice

Personnel Development

The Adapt enables the implementation of differentiated and individual personnel development.

Coaching & Consulting

The Adapt provides additional information about the candidate's strengths and areas of development.

Personnel Selection

The Adapt identifies the fit between job-related competencies and job requirements.


The 3 Factors of Applysia Adapt

As a screening tool, the Adapt is composed of 24 questions, of which 8 questions are evenly distributed among the three factors of Readiness for Change, Innovation Orientation and Digital Affinity .

The Readiness for Change factor measures the acceptance of external changes. Research in this area is based on a broad range of scientific concepts, which Kurt Lewin in particular, as the forefather of Change Management, has advanced.

Innovation Orientation captures the ability to develop and implement new ideas. The focus here is on independently initiated changes. The theoretical background is based on concepts of creativity.

The Digital Affinity factor describes the preference for digital (vs. analog) working methods and a frequent use of digital media. The acceptance factors of modern technologies have been studied for several decades.


The scientific Basis

The Applysia Adapt is based on an evidence based and scientific foundation that enables reliable Personnel Decisions.

Theoretical Basis

The questionnaire is based on the findings of many years of research tradition

Quality Criteria

Fulfilled quality criteria ensure the quality of aptitude testing procedures

Social Acceptance

The very good social acceptance of the questionnaire leads to great popularity among the test candidates

Practical Relevance

The usefulness of the questionnaire is confirmed in organizational use

Clear Normalization

Predefined standards are used to compare results on the basis of various criteria

Quality Certificate

The Adapt meets the quality requirements of the Diagnostic and Testing Board (DTK)


TBS-DTK Transparency Certificate

The Applysia Adapt meets the quality standards of the Diagnostic and Testing Board (DTK) for information and documentation of instruments for the assessment of human experience and behavior.


The Advantages of Applysia Adapt

The Adapt addresses current challenges and complements existing aptitude diagnostic procedures.



The competencies that the Adapt captures are becoming increasingly important in today's era of change and transformation.



Due to its brevity, the Adapt is an ideal addition to the selection process in combination with other procedures.



The wide range of applications for the Adapt make the questionnaire an attractive and flexible HR tool.


Digital & Simple

Digital execution and evaluation leads to enormous time savings and simplification of the decision-making process.


Evidence based

The Adapt creates a differentiated and meaningful information basis for valid and reliable personnel selection.


Future oriented

The Adapt is a future-oriented questionnaire that closes the gaps of existing procedures in aptitude diagnostics.

Future Competencies with the Applysia Adapt

  • Capture important Competencies in today's changing World
  • Digital Conduction and Evaluation to save Time and Resources
  • Diverse Application Possibilities ensure the individual Fit