The Applysia App

The core of our Software. During the Assessment, you work securely and smoothly in our native and intuitive Applysia App. Either in the iPad App or across devices in our browser-based Web-App.
Whether in a video call or on site - Applysia can be used flexibly in any context.

All Information at a Glance

All relevant information, such as CVs, test scores and instructions, can be easily accessed at any time.

Offline & Online

Whether on site face-to-face or remotely in a video call: a smooth process is guaranteed at all times.

Handwritten & Typed Notes

During the Assessment, handwritten or typed candidate-specific notes can be made flexibly and easily.


Assessment Journey with Applysia

From Planning to Feedback: Applysia supports you through every step of the process - whether it's an Assessment Center or an Interview.



Based on your company-specific competency model, the Software can be configured individually.



Prior to the procedure, all required data and documents such as CVs and instructions are uploaded to our web-based Cockpit.



The Assessment of competencies takes place digitally via the Applysia App. In parallel, you can make notes and view documents. A high level of objectivity is guaranteed through automatic data analysis.



After the procedure, the Assessments of the observers can be automatically consolidated, graphically processed and thus visibly and efficiently compared for all observers.


Expert Report

The final Assessments can be exported flexibly, which significantly simplifies integration into the result reports.



Once the process is complete, you can systematically analyze the accumulated data without additional effort and thus optimize your process as well as provide feedback.


Candidate Portal

Through the Candidate Portal, the Assessment Experience is always maintained - even if you are not sitting in the same room. You can share documents and media files with candidates flexibly and dynamically and fully integrate the Software with other modules.

Positive Candidate Experience

Candidates can easily navigate through the intuitive and clear Portal without any preparation.

Share Documents live

Release instructions and materials automatically based on time or at any time with the click of a button.

Smooth remote Connection

Use Applysia along with any video conferencing Software for a remote Assessment.


Applysia Cockpit

In our browser-based administration interface, competency models are created, Assessments are set up and accounts are managed, so that you can fully focus on the Assessment of candidates in the App.

Configurable Templates

Templates for Assessments and competency models only need to be created once and can be used as often as required.

Individual Branding

For each Assessment, the logo and the color representation of the App can be customized to suit the company.

Simple Time and Resource Planning

You can create an individual Schedule for each observer with personal access to assigned exercises.


Applysia Insights & Reporting

Our Data & People Analytics tool provides you with data-based insights into the Assessments you have carried out and corresponding process optimization suggestions. You can now use our Reporting Tool to generate automatic reports.

Continuous Process Improvement

Insights provides a focused overview report with statistics on Assessment schemes for each exercise in the competency models.

Enable constructive Feedback

Candidates can be compared and assessed in detail with the help of Benchmarks in order to make valid decisions.

Integrated Reporting Tool

With the help of our Reporting Tool, result reports with assessment-specific content can be individually configured and automatically generated.

Assessments at the VHV Group

  • Since June 2020, almost all VHV Group Assessment Centers have been conducted digitally with Applysia.
  • In our case study, we report on the benefits of using Applysia for all stakeholders.
  • In this interview, Benedikt Oerters (HR Specialist Assessment Center) reports on his experiences with Applysia.

Integrated Personnel Selection

With our extensions in Applysia+, we can provide the optimal solution for every step of the recruitment process.

Hogrefe Publishing & ITB IONA

Make reliable personnel decisions using a wide range of scientifically based tests and questionnaires.

The ROC Institute

Position-specific and preconfigured interview guidelines enable you to conduct interviews efficiently and validly.

Applysia Adapt

Within a few minutes, capture relevant future competencies that are of great importance in today's era of constant change.

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On the Safer Side

Data Protection and Security

We take the special responsibility in handling the data of our customers very seriously. Therefore, we have taken measures to protect the data according to the current state of the art.

Security by Default

You get your own database area, which is reserved exclusively for you

German Data Centers

Exclusively server locations in Germany with ISO 27001 certification

GDPR compliant

Legally compliant data management and automatic anonymization and deletion

Alliance for Cyber Security

We are a participant in Germany's largest public-private partnership for IT security

Simple Data Management

Functions such as automatic deletion periods and our authorization concept ensure maximum data protection

Privacy by Design

We always follow the concept of data minimization during development


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