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Step-by-step guide to the automated report

After the assessment, you can generate candidate-specific reports at the touch of a button and then edit them as required. We will show you how to do this.

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step 1

Upload template

Create templates once and use them repeatedly for your reports. Use your own branding, logo and layout.

Create a template

Create individual templates for your reports in Microsoft Word (.docx) or PowerPoint (.pptx).

Use placeholders

You can use placeholders to determine which data should be integrated at which point in the report. You can choose between text, images or graphics.

Upload the template

Upload the template in the cockpit. You can also upload several templates and thus generate several versions (e.g. short reports).

step 2

Evaluate the candidates

Once you have stored a template, you can observe and evaluate the candidates in the (web) app. This data is then integrated into the report.

Design competency model

You can use your own competency model to determine which competencies should be observed and assessed in which exercises.

Make notes

You can add notes to your assessments. You can make handwritten, typed or competency-based notes to document particular observations.

Submit your assessments

With one click, you can submit and synchronize your observations and assessments. These are now prepared for you for decision-making.

stept 3 + 4

Start conference and prepare notes

After observation and evaluation, you will find all the collected data in the conference. These are now ready for further processing and export.

Start the conference

Observations and evaluations can be discussed here. Here you will find a matrix with the consolidated ratings for the individual candidates.

Open detailed view

In the detailed view, you will find more information on the ratings of the individual candidates. Open the detailed view of the desired candidate.

Favorite notes

As a moderator, you can decide which observations deserve attention and add other people's notes to your own. You can also favorite notes. The moderator's selected notes then appear in the report.

step 5

Download report

Once all the data has been collected during the assessment, our software automatically inserts it into the report at the desired location. The report is now available to you.

View report

Under "Reports" you will now find the completed report template for the selected candidates. You can generate and view the report with one click.

Download report

The report is also available for download. Click on the "Download symbol" at the bottom right.

Edit report

The report is downloaded in the same format as the original template, either as .docx or .pptx. This enables subsequent editing as required.


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