Applysia in use in the Insurance Sector


About the VHV Group

VHV is one of Germany's largest car and liability insurers and an expert in the construction industry.

The VHV Group, headquartered in Hanover, Germany, is an established group of insurance and pension specialists. With its brands "VHV Versicherungen" and "Hannoversche", it is a competent and future-oriented partner for property and casualty insurance as well as life insurance. The VHV Group has around 3,200 employees and relies on modern structures, efficient cost management and customer-oriented products.

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Before Applysia

The Initial Situation

The preparation, implementation and post-processing of the (classic) analog Assessment Center procedures of the VHV Group were very time-consuming.

For each Assessment, sometimes up to 8 folders with 200-300 pages had to be prepared and always be printed again. Flexible adaptation to changes in the schedule, for example, was only possible to a very limited extent and involved a high Effort .

During the Assessments, the observers often discussed and coordinated their evaluations at length. The rating forms were collected after each Assessment and had to be entered into the system manually and individually. This has led to long and complex processes .

  • Time, cost, and resource intensive process
  • Inflexible and uneconomical design of Assessments
  • Long and complex evaluation process 
  • With Applysia

    The Solution

    The digital Availability of all materials and scheduling with the Scheduler enable changes at short notice and lead to a high Flexibility of the entire process. Setting up the Software and training employees is quick and easy, as the Applysia App is intuitive and easy to understand. Using previously created templates in the Applysia Cockpit saves a lot of time when preparing and managing new Assessment Centers. Applysia noticeably reduces the amount of printing and thus leads to Cost Savings and contributes to the Sustainability Strategy .

    The use of the Applysia App provides an optimal Candidate Experience during an Assessment. In addition, the use of tablets is modern and has a positive impact on the Employer Branding as well as the image of the company.

    Easy access to the same materials by all observers ensures fast and effective Communication. The structured evaluation process avoids friction losses and unnecessary discussions between the observers and thus ensures a high degree of Objectivity.

    The Observer Experience during the Assessment Center is significantly improved by digital implementation. For example, many observers prefer writing on a tablet to the paper and pencil version because of the many options it offers. Due to the individual Configurability of the Applysia App and the Assessments, observers can work with the same exercises and Assessment criteria as before in the paper and pencil version and see their own Company Branding. Applysia offers many new features that go beyond previous possibilities.

    What the users say

    Digital Assessment Centers can in principle be interesting for all companies and I can actually advise every company to familiarize itself with the possibilities of digital Assessment Centers - regardless of the Corona Pandemic.

    Digital Assessments are much more effective and resource-efficient, especially when everything can be implemented as easily as with Applysia.

    Benedikt Oerters

    HR Specialist for Assessment Center
    at the VHV Group
    With Applysia


    In addition to the Success Study, we conducted an Interview with Benedikt Oerters (HR Specialist Assessment Center of the VHV Group), in which he reported on his experiences with Applysia. Among other things, we also talked about the implementation and feedback on the use of Applysia.

    Assessments with Applysia

    • Smooth planning and preparation of your Assessments in Applysia Cockpit and data-based process optimization with Applysia Insights
    • Simple Candidate Management and positive Candidate Experience with our Candidate Portal
    • Location and device-independent personnel selection using our Applysia (Web-) App