Hogrefe Test Center

Digital Tests for innovative HR-Processes

With more than 70 years of experience, Hogrefe is the leading European scientific publisher for psychology. Hogrefe provides access to a wide range of different test procedures in over 20 languages.

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About hogrefe

The Story behind Hogrefe

Hogrefe ensures quality in the field of psychology through its long-standing expertise and strong scientific orientation.

The scientific publishing house includes more than 400 employees in 16 different countries. This cultural diversity enables Hogrefe to respond even better to customer-specific needs and to offer psychological test procedures worldwide. The innovative combination of psychology and software offers a modern solution for psychological and high-quality diagnostics.

The Hogrefe test center provides a variety of psychological test procedures which are of great importance for the implementation of valid and fair personnel processes .

The publishing group also distributes a wide variety of scientific books and journals, such as the Psychologische Rundschau of the German Psychological Society, which has been published since 1949.

At the same time, the company also offers continuing education to ensure the ideal application of the products in practice. As a consulting company Hogrefe also supports the successful establishment of test procedures in the HR processes of its customers.

The extension

Applysia in Cooperation with Hogrefe

By integrating the Hogrefe test portfolio into the Applysia software, Applysia now offers a unified platform for Assessments, that brings all the tools for successful personnel selection and development together in one place.

Unified Editing Interface

The test procedures and test results are automatically integrated into Applysia and are directly available to you - you have a uniform interface that maps the entire Assessment.

Uncomplicated Implementation

Candidates can open the test procedures directly via a link in the Candidate Portal and work on them from there. At the same time, the status of the test completion and final result reports can be viewed directly in the Cockpit.

Revolutionizing HR-Processes

We pursue one goal: to make scientific knowledge easily usable and accessible for practice. Our seamless integration enables you to implement valid, efficient and simple HR processes.


Innovative Personnel Processes through digital Testing

Make your HR processes smooth, efficient and reliable with the Hogrefe extension in Applysia!


Saving Resources

With the Hogrefe extension, you have access to a wide range of different test procedures that you can integrate into your existing processes without further effort.


Individual Fit

The range of different test procedures guarantees the optimal fit with your individual needs and personal requirements.


Ideal User Experience

The appealing and clear design ensures intuitive and user-friendly processing in Applysia - familiarization with the software is quick and smooth.



The scientific basis of all psychological test procedures enables you to make valid and fair personnel decisions.


Improved Quality

The enhancement improves the quality of your HR processes by providing a smooth link between Assessment processes and in-depth test procedures.


Unified Platform

Applysia offers an integrated platform for the fast and efficient implementation of Assessments by integrating the Hogrefe test portfolio.

What our partner says

The integration with Applysia provides an innovative solution to make the use of valid testing methods even more accessible to practitioners, contributing to efficient and fair HR processes.


Cooperation Partner

Assessments with Applysia

  • Access to a wide range of scientifically based test procedures
  • Smooth process through unified platform
  • Optimized user experience through user-friendly design